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Anabolic steroids do not come from bull testicles or horse sperm they are actually are made from yams that’s right YAMS! Scientists and supplement companies have been doing research on other types of steroids such as ecdysterone insect steroids and phytosterols Plant steroids.

There are compounds similar to steroid cholesterol and where there is cholesterol there is TESTOSTERONE the father of all anabolic steroids! Ajuga turkestanica is a plant that holds similar steroid properties that can make steroid compounds that is anabolic just as the yam can produce testosterone!

With that being said the effects of the phytosterols that come from the Ajuga turkestanica plant can make forms of anabolic steroids that will put on muscle and burn fat. The same way anabolic steroids that are made from the yam do!

After taking this product one will notice the following!

*Strength increases
*Increase fat loss
*Muscle size increase
*Gains taken past natural limits

This product is perfect for someone who would like to experience performance enhancement without liver toxicity along with androgenic side effects such as hair loss and high bad cholesterol. Heart attack is the number one killer of bodybuilders this product is actually good for your heart!

This can be stacked with any of our products because it is using another steroid source other than the yam it complements any cycle involving steroidal compounds! It also goes well with TRT users!

Havoc is in the same family as turkesterdrol but they are different and they do give different effects but they can be stacked together!

Strength stack: Fina Drol MD1 Turkestedrol
Weightloss stack: Fina Drol OMNAVER Turkestedrol
Mass Monster stack: ANDRO DROL MD1 Turkestedrol

You can also alternate Turkesterdrol with Havoc to keep your gains on the rise to decrease the chance of your body getting used to the compound!

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    Good clean product

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    Just started 5/20

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