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Super Scorpion tabs! Our Scorpion tabs formula has been one of our best selling products for years because of the multiple purpose effects! We decided to increase the formula and make it STRONGER! Proper Hormone balance is one of the most important things you can do for your body If you on a performance enhancer you must keep your hormones balanced so you do not experience side effects like body acne along with Other unwanted side effects!

Super Scorpion: tabs will keep your body’s natural hormones running at optimal levels you can maximize your gains with other performance-enhancing compounds or if used as a stand-alone product benefit from the increased levels of Testosterone!

-Increase muscle strength
-Natural fat burner
-Increased sex drive, harder erections
-Enhances the effects of other performance enhancers
-Reduces side effects of Anabolic Compounds
-Can be used stand-alone for natural testosterone Levels
-2 X Stronger than regular scorpion tabs
-Can be taken all year long!

If you are on an anabolic compound Super Scorpion tabs is a must for proper hormone balance and increased effects

If you are a natural athlete Super Scorpion tabs will increase your natural Testosterone to its Maximum levels Naturally!

Mass Stack (MD1, AndroDrol Super Scorpion tabs)
Lean gains stack (Fina Drol, omnaver and or mega plex Super Scorpion Tabs)
Strength stack (Dplex ,Andro drol,MD1 , Super Scorpion tabs)
Weight loss stack (Fire power Fina drol , Omna Var, Super Scorpion tabs)

16 reviews for Super Scorpion Tabs

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    Great product

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