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Regular price is $319.85, get it now for 50% Off! Ready to get Shredded!!! The Shred AF Stack is going to take you to the next level! Our most potent cutting compounds combined to bring you maximum gains!

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Having a lean muscular look is what gives you a look that stands out and most women find attractive.

To produce lean dry gains proper anabolic compounds are essential to your training regimen.

The SHRED AF STACK is a one-stop-shop to achieve a lean muscular physique by incorporating hard-hitting compounds designed to give you gains without water retention and burn fat!

FinaDrol is our bread-and-butter dry gains prohormone we depend on for giving people lean gains they are after.

Havoc is a plant-based anabolic hormone that gives athletes looking for lean gains the results they are after.

Liquid fire is our liquid fat-burning formula that burns fat fast by using a thermogenic property that turns fat into energy!

Megaplex is our liquid prohormone formula with fat-burning properties which makes it perfect for anyone trying to achieve a lean dry physique!

*Lean dry gains

*Strength gains

*Can be used with TRT

*Fast results

The shred stack is perfect for someone trying to get ready for any athlete trying to lean out for the poolside classic or the Bedroom OPEN!

I suggest taking this stack for a maximum of 3 months then take a post cycle for 1 month to give your body a chance to reset its natural hormone levels.AF

2 reviews for Shred AF Stack

  1. Jason (Verified Customer)

    On week 6 of this stack. I really started noticing the effects going in to the 4th week. I’m getting stronger and leaner every day. I’ll definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

  2. Sean Tivald (Verified Customer)

    All of AO Products are great. Frank is a knowledgeable guy and is constantly trying to better his products and website for the best results possible for his customers. When I first found AO products, I wish he offered pre-made stacks to take some of the guess work out of the equation; a year or so later, he created them. Quality control is usually on point (very few times have I had busted capsules) and the pricing is fair; buy during his frequent sales and you won’t be disappointed.

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