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Omna Var by Anabolic Outlaws Is a suspension (3 IN 1 PRO ANABOLIC FORMULA) that is designed for adding size and strength along with burning body fat at the same time. This product is perfect for Athletes wanting to get ready for a show or just trying to look shredded by the pool!

· Strength increase
· Burns belly fat
· Fast-acting delivery method
· Lean dry gains
· Can be stacked with other Supplements or Anabolics compounds

This is a great compound for bodybuilders and powerlifters wanting overall size and strength gains. This compound is a non-methylated prohormone. It’s a true prohormone and is typically used for its cortisol controlling effects, which can aid in fat loss (especially over the abs) and prevent muscle wasting during a dieting phase. It is not commonly used for its strength and muscle-building effects, because it does not have a very significant effect in these areas unless it is dosed high or stacked with other compounds and is great for stacking with methylated anabolics or prohormones because it will not put additional stress on the liver.

4 reviews for Omna Var

  1. Ronnie D. (Verified Customer)

    There is a secret magic trick. But this product along with a clean diet works. Simple as that!

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