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Megaplex : is a liquid pro-Hormone Fat burning thermogenic matrix.

Mega Plex is a non-aromatizing analogue of Testosterone, which causes dry lean gains and fat loss, along with an increased sexual desire.

· Strength increased
· Increased libido
· Fat Loss · Dry Gains
· Look Better Naked

Although effective as a stand-alone product, it is better utilized when stacked with other compounds. MegaPlex does have powerful properties that are noticeable to its user. Increases in muscular appearance are common in a short period of time. Most Athletes have reported seeing the best results over a 7 to 9 week cycle period using strong anabolic dosages of 400mg. Gains of a few appreciable pounds of lean body mass can be expected with a noticeable amount of fat loss (mostly from its inhibition of Cortisol). 6 -12 weeks Cycles are not uncommon any longer than that is not recommended, seeing as MegaPlex will increase blood pressure. The potential for cortisol levels to rebound once the cycle ends, drastically increases the longer you use this pro-hormone. As with anything, your body will eventually stop responding to anything if you take it too long. For that reason, running a cycle longer than 12 weeks will start to become counterproductive.

Changing your compounds is key for year-round gains! Scorpion Tabs and or Gear Support should always be used to ensure proper on-cycle support while on a powerful prohormone! Aftermath PCT and Organ Armor should be used (post-cycle) every time you use any Pro-hormone! THIS PRODUCT IS A PROHORMONE THERMOGENIC ALL IN ONE!

*Dry gains
*Strong fat burning
*Muscle hardening for a show or the beach
*Strength gain with no weight gain

Stacks D-plex, Scorpion tabs, Mega Plex, Fire Power =Getting ripped for the beach
Mega Plex ,Gear Guard , OMNAVAR= Strength with a defined muscle separation.
Mega Plex , Gear Guard, Fina Drol , Piranha a tabs = RIPPED STRONG AND READY FOR A SHOW!

9 reviews for Mega Plex

  1. Jason (Verified Customer)

    Good stuff! Helps a lot with my focus in the gym.

  2. Sean Tivald (Verified Customer)

    All of AO Products are great. Frank is a knowledgeable guy and is constantly trying to better his products and website for the best results possible for his customers. When I first found AO products, I wish he offered pre-made stacks to take some of the guess work out of the equation; a year or so later, he created them. Quality control is usually on point (very few times have I had busted capsules) and the pricing is fair; buy during his frequent sales and you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Billy Hatfield (Verified Customer)

    Very satisfied

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