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If you are looking for a product that will give you strength through the roof look no further FINA DROLis your product!

There are 2 plant-based prohormones along with an Andro compound in FINA DROL that will send your strength through the roof. Now before you say to yourself plant-based must be garbage remember synthetic testosterone is derived from both yams and soy both Plants!

You should expect to see:
*Increased Pumps
*increased strength
*muscle hardening
*more definition
*stackable with Any anabolic compound legal or illegal!

I like to keep a lean hard look year-round and for me, I am very happy with the results after about day 12 I started to notice strength gains and my vascularity was insane! It is the strongest product AO nutrition has for strength and definition to date! You can stack it with Andro Drol and MD1 for an insane massive strength gain or you can stack it with D Plex and Omnavar if you are trying to get shredded!

I am personally on this compound now and it’s giving me results I have not seen in a long time!

8 reviews for Fina Drol

  1. Shawn Hillier (Verified Customer)

    Great product

  2. Sean Tivald (Verified Customer)

    All of AO Products are great. Frank is a knowledgeable guy and is constantly trying to better his products and website for the best results possible for his customers. When I first found AO products, I wish he offered pre-made stacks to take some of the guess work out of the equation; a year or so later, he created them. Quality control is usually on point (very few times have I had busted capsules) and the pricing is fair; buy during his frequent sales and you won’t be disappointed.

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